Difficult crown & bridge cases


Crowns are utilised in cases of heavily restored teeth, with large fillings or teeth that are greatly misshaped.  They can  also be used to hold (anchor) bridges in place.

In situations where the teeth are in good condition we try to avoid using crowns or bridges. We can often use veneers, bonding or implants. However there are still situations where crowns are the treatment of choice.  In many cases and where indicated we will restore you teeth with all-ceramic crowns.


Bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth.  Again, in many cases they can be all-ceramic bridges.  Utilising crowns on the abutment (i.e. anchor) teeth also restores these abutment/anchor teeth in cases where they have large fillings and/or are heavily restored.

Note: all before & after photos are actual patients of Dr Rick Lazar